Perfect Pair 10th Anniversary Malaysia 2022

The Past, Present & Future

On 22/02/2022, Ceva Malaysia and Agritech Enterprise celebrated the 10th Anniversary of VECTORMUNE ND and TRANSMUNE IBD with the Malaysia poultry industry with 10 years of success in controlling Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bursal Disease locally. This auspicious day was officiated by the Director General of Department of Veterinary Services, Dato’ Dr Norlizan bin Mohd Noor. Our audience were also graced by the presence of Dr. Atsushi Yasuda, Inventor of Vectormune ND and Dr. Vilmos Palya, Inventor of Transmune IBD who shared their vast experience in the innovative vaccine development which future prove the company’s ambition to create efficacious solution for the control of Newcastle Disease (ND) and Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) from the hatchery.

Dr. Marcelo from Ceva Asia also demonstrated the track record of Vectormune ND and Transmune IBD which was reflected by the strong demand from local poultry industry with 1 in every 3 broilers are protected with Vectormune ND and 1 in every 2 broilers are protected with Transmune IBD.

The future of ND disease & Gumboro disease innovative solutions are presented by Dr. Mustafa-Seckin Sandikli and Dr. Marco Aurelio Lopes, Corporate Range Manager, highlighted that Ceva provides a complete range of disease solution. Moving forward, Ceva is committed to continuously invest to current researches on vaccine technologies to enables greater efficiency within the poultry industry without compromising on vaccination efficacy.

In short, Vectormune ND & Transmune IBD is the “Perfect Pair” solution for ND & IBD diseases with prove track records for efficacy and continuous scientific findings.

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