Variants of Concern Webinar 2021

15th July 2021

The word “Variants” appears frequently in the headlines of many news and media lately. Indeed, variants have become one of the major concerns of the world with the emerging of Covid-19 virus. Although we do not spot poultry diseases like Infectious Bronchitis or Gumboro Disease caused by variants on the headlines, they are certainly happening in the poultry world.

To uncover the truth of the variants of concern, Ceva Asia & Ceva Malaysia has come together to held a webinar on 15th July 2021. In the “Variants of Concern” webinar, we were honored to have Mr. Antonin Bonneau (Ceva Asia Zone Director) to deliver the welcome speech.

Additionally, it was our greatest pleasure to have Dr Marcelo Paniago (Director of Veterinary Services of Ceva Animal Health Asia) and Professor Hair Bejo (Director of Putra Science Park, Universiti Putra Malaysia) to share with us on Infectious Bronchitis variants and Gumboro Disease variants, respectively, in the webinar. Both speakers are experts in this field with years of experience in academics and field practices to address this issue.

The birds observed to only have very severe bursa lesion without mortality unless secondary pathogen is involved”, said Prof Hair. And “Combining Mass + 793B vaccine at day-old with well vaccines application in hatchery is an effective strategy to give broad protection against numerous IB variants circulating in Asia”, is one of the advices from Dr Marcelo in the webinar.

The webinar has attracted more than 700 registrants from 17 different countries, mostly from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Bangladesh.

Lastly, before the webinar ended, the “Egg Donation Campaign” was announced to encourage the attendees to participate in this charity social media movement initiated by the project C Our Future. We were glad to receive great responses from public in supporting this Ceva CSR project. If you haven’t done it, click into this link, then you give a “like” and leave your comment “C Our Future” under the Egg Donation Campaign Post. By doing it, 80 eggs will be donated to underprivileged children in Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, Cambodia and Taiwan). Please stay tune on C Our Future Facebook Page and website for more updates on Egg Donation Campaign.

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