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Live freeze-dried vaccine, variant 1/96 strain. For the active immunization of chickens against Infectious Bronchitis


CEVAC IBIRD® is a live attenuated freeze-dried vaccine for the active immunization of chickens against variant strain of avian infectious bronchitis virus, containing strain 1/96.

CEVAC IBIRD® is recommended for the active immunization of broiler chickens, and future layer chickens in order to reduce the detrimental effect on the ciliary activity resulting from the infection, which may be manifested in respiratory clinical signs. Protection was demonstrated by challenge with the 793/B strain, which is a representative strain of the 793/B group. Onset of immunity is 3 weeks after one administration of the vaccine. Duration of immunity is 6 weeks after the first vaccination.

 - Store vaccine between +2°C and +8°C or 35°F and 45°F
 - Protect from light

1000 and 5000 dose vials
20 x 1000 dose vials / box
20 x 2500 dose vials / box

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