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Live freeze dried vaccine, Massachusetts, B48 and La Sota strains. For the active immunization of chickens against Infectious Bronchitis and Newcastle Disease.

CEVAC® NB L contains the Massachusetts B48 strain of Infectious Bronchitis virus and the La Sota strain of Newcastle Disease virus in live, freeze dried form. The embryonated hen eggs used in the production of the vaccine are obtained from specified-pathogen-free (SPF) flocks.
For the active immunisation of healthy chickens against Infectious Bronchitis and Newcastle Disease.
The vaccine may be used for initial vaccination or re-vaccination of broilers, pullets and hens.
 - Store vaccine between +2°C and +8°C or 35°F and 45°F
 - Protect from light
 1000 dose vials
 20 x 1000 dose vials / box
 Newcastle Disease virus may cause a mild inflammation of the eye in humans which lasts for two or three days. Care should therefore be taken when handling the virus to avoid contact with the eyes.

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