Your personal development

At Ceva, the future is wide open …

Ceva’s success since becoming independent is a result of the dedication, hard work and skills of the people that work in the group. Naturally we are keen to offer our employees an environment where they can progress and develop their skills, make useful contributions to the economic goals of the Group and collaborate with many other professionals in their work.

By combining economic performance with human and professional development, the policy of the Group’s Human Resources department favours social cohesion founded on our strong values of entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, solidarity, all of which we focus on relationships with our customers and business partners.

Internal and international mobility:

Ceva likes to encourage mobility for its employees, whenever and wherever it is appropriate.

Internal mobility involves expanding an existing job, changing jobs, or changing sectors. International mobility means a transfer abroad or a secondment from one country to another to carry out specific missions or projects.

Development of skills:

The professionalisation of our employees and guidance in their professional development are notably supported by a policy of training and mentoring. This policy involves specific technical actions for all of our jobs and cross-discipline actions common to a range of jobs or categories of employees.

Mentoring focuses on training using a transfer of knowledge and know-how from an experienced employee to a worker who is new to a specific post.

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